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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 26, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute icc controversy, $6 for a one-way trip. find out if you are eligible for discounts. mystery and the sky. >> did you know somhing was wrong? >> no. >> and bill cosby honored in the district tonight. >> he is the greatest american comedian of all time. >> why peers, family, and former co-stars are here. >> this is abc 7 news at 11:00, "on your side." we begin with a new wrinkle
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in the controversy surrounding the intercounty connectorth. it could cost you some $6 for one way. a group of lawmakers when to give some drivers a discount. cynne simpson is live with more on the plan and where drivers stand on the issue. >> this intercounty connector is not going to be cheap for drivers. now some people are asking for something in return. dirt, dust, and noise is what some people have had to indore. then came the news that the rates under consideration to drive on the toll road was 25 cents to 35 cents per mile. >> i would probably not use it. >> everything is going up. >> a break is what a delegate is
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requesting. he and three other politicians representing the 21st district sent a letter, asking that residents that live near by get a disruption. >> especially for those living near the road to have been most impacted by the construction, having this major highway near their home. >> he says residents have already paid dearly. now he is proposing a nice payback in the form of a toll road discount, an idea that these residents approve. >> i don't think there should be tolls at all, but if there is any reason that they should have them, they should be cheaper. >> they should give us a free pass. >> there is no word at this point whether the discount will be approved or will move
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forward, but i can tell youhat this project is moving full speed ahead, scheduled to be completed in early 2012. >> thank you. the maryland transportation authority board will hold two public meetings this week, the first scheduled on wednesday night at high point high school. both meetings will be held from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. > >option took -- the pu blic option took center stage. >> i believe they can achieve the goal of bringing reform to a broken system, protect consumers, and insure competition. >> senate majority leader harry reid gave support to the public option during a news conference today. democrats applauded the move,
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but republicans are upset. even senator olympia snowe of maine said she was deeply disappointed. president obama honor the lives of fallen americans on what was the dead the day of afghan of -- of afghanistan forces in four years 10 americans including three dea agents were killed when their chopper crashed. four more troops were killed when two helicopters collided over southern afghanistan. now to the latest on the battle to become the next governor of virginia -- >> we are one week from election day. bob mcdonnell has a commanding lead. the poll shows bob mcdonnell up by 11 points. this comes on the night of creigh deeds" big appearance with president obama.
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>> a lot can happen in politics in a week. republican bob mcdonnell says he is not resting with his lead in the polls. republican bob mcdonnell and democrat creigh deeds are moving into the last week of their gubernatorial race with one thing in mind. >> we are going to win this election, but i need your help over the next eight days to drive out every single vote. >> they are ignoring the polls. >> i know from my ninth election so far, the only one that matters is election day. >> voters we spoke with say they made up their minds to long time ago. >> bob mcdonnell looks much more gubernatorial. he presents himself much more like he is ready to lead. >> i am just very liberal. i read a few thingshat bob mcdonnell wrote.
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never in a million years. >> bob mcdonnell continues to push his promise that as governor, he has a plan to stimulate the economy while tackling northern virginia's transportation troubles. creigh deeds hopes the support of one high-powered politicians will boost his bid, the president. if you believe that money plays any role in political momentum, consider th. in the first three weeks of october, bob mcdonnell rose $4 million. mcdonnell has about $1.8 million on hand. creigh deeds, about half that much. the tomorrow night, joined gordon peterson and myself for "battleground virginia: the race for governor." that is at 8:00. coming up, america's comedic royalty honors one of their own.
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unthink... and taste the unsub side of kfc. we are following breaking news tonight out of southeast washington, where a man was killed in a triple shooting. three men were shot at around 10:15 this evening. one man was pronounced dead at the scene and the two others were taken to the hospital in critical condition. police say they are searching for one suspect. family, friends, and teammates said goodbye to a murdered football player today. hundreds of mourners filled in
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miami church for the 20-year old. he was stabbed to death outside of an on-campus dance. >> everyone that knew him knew he had a heart of a line. jas would never back down from a challenge. >> police have not made any arrests in his death. it was a long night for d.c. council members as they heard testimony for and against a bill legalizing gay marriage in the nation's capital. >> i want to get married in d.c. to my partner, judy. i do not want to go elsewhere. >> marriage, as the bible describes, has been a union between a man and woman. >> another 170 people are expected to speak at another
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hearing next monday. plans for a memorial have cleared a major hurdle. the national capital planning commission has approved a plan for the memorial of the national which now paves the way for construction to begin. the project was stalled for over a year. work is expected to begin soon and will finish as planned in 2011. it is like the bruce springsteen of comedy. >> this special honor for one america's best comedians. >> a jet goes 150 miles off course. what hi!
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you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, "on your side." some surprising revelations have of that jet that went off course by 150 miles. the ntsb revealed that the
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pilots told them that they were distracted at the time while working on their laptop computers. now at could cost both men their jobs. as the northwest flight crews on autopilot at 37 -- at 37,000 feet, first officer richard cole and timothy cheney were on their personal laptops, going over a new scheduling system. the pilot admitted to investigators that they failed to monitor the airplane, failed to monitor calls from air- traffic control, and did not notice as many as eight text messages sent by the company. the crew acknowledged they've lost track of time. >> i just call them and said that we were landing. >> did you know something was wrong? >> no, not at all. >> was it difficult to get them? >> no.
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>> it was then that captain cheney looked at his instruments and realized that they had already passed the airport. >> i think it is a situation where you have two professional flight crew members who totally were unplugged from the situation. >> aviation experts say the merger between delta and northwest airlines and their pilots may have been a factor in the destruction over schedules, but they say that is little excuse for what happened. the money battle between jon and kate gosselin moved to a pennsylvania court room today. >> i just want to know where the money is. >> jon gosselin wants to know what kate did with money from the account. he has returned $180,000 of that
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money kate gosseli. kate gosselin was not at that hearing. the man that created america's top comedy in the 1980's received a top prize, the mark twain award. chris rock, jerry seinfeld, sinbad, just a few of the nation's best comedians honoring the man that they look up to. >> he is the greatest american comedian of all time. >> bill cosby made an entrance on the red carpet before tonight's ceremony. his co-stars also came to the district to honor the man that they respect and admire. >> in all of his work, he has clearly demonstrated that human beings on much more alike than
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we could every -- then we could ever be different. >> i have learned a lot from him, integrity, for example. in terms of how i carry myself as a man, how i carry myself as a man in living in the public eye. >> he is the hank aaron of comedy. people talk about willie mays, but all of the numbers say hank aaron is the greatest. >> i wanted to be many minnows so. >> he made a pretty good for himself. although he has received many big award, he said this one is special because he called mark twain the quintessential american writer because he held his language and his love for words in perfect form. >> that is interesting. >> absolutely.
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congratulations. and it is a beautiful day for him to be here. >> scattered showers mainly to the south. there they are away at the bottom of the screen. another little cell down in charles county southwest of la plata. most of it will push off to the east overnight, but tomorrow morning before sunrise, there could be a few isolated showers to deal with. then we will take a break. then the second system comes in tomorrow night. l's make a few stops. in chantilly, 55 degrees. easterly winds are going to be the key, bringing in plenty of moisture. very light in bowie where it is 54 degrees. 52 degrees at children's hospital in washington, d.c. a low of 45 degrees at reagan national airport.
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statistically, it came out to be a perfectly normal october 26 in washington. at this hour, cloudy skies. 49 degrees out in front royal. you get closer to the chesapeake bay, a little bit milder. 56 degrees in fairfax. plenty of mild seasonal weather in the country. warm temperatures, but they are going to stay at bay for a while. we will get warmer temperatures as we get into thursday and friday, but until then, it is going to be easterly winds. everything is moving out this way from west to east. those of higher clouds, bringing in a little bit of moisture. what little disturbance, -- it one little disturbance bringing in some wins. the second system has more
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abundant moisture available. its circulation will create more rain for us. for tomorrow, isolated showers in the morning through midday. dry weather will continue for the north and west of the district for most of the day. some computer models print out over an inch of rain that could fall over the viewing area. we will see the weather improved as we go through the end of the week. steadier rain by late tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. back to sunshine for thursday and friday. then maybe a shower with a few clouds on saturday for halloween. the first day for eastern standard time, sunshine63 degrees. we have to pull back the clocks one hour more and more,
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coming up, a dramatic report from the front lines of afghanistan, in about 11 minutes from now. time to check in on sports. >> doocy any of it? what a mess. the redskins' continue to struggle against the eagles. this is not something you see every day, t when you get , you
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, "moving you forward." >> monday night football, the eagles scored 14 unanswered points. the skins trail phillie, can show you highlights just yet. the world series is set to begin wednesday in the bronx. the players can't wait to get to the new yankee stadium. the defending world champs are well aware of the mystique of the yankees. >> there is a special mystique when you walk into the yankee stadium, new or old. it is the cathedr of baseball. it is everywhere -- it is the
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place where everyone wanted to play as a kid. all in all, it does not matter who we play. i think everybody knows we have a job to do. >> meanwhile, mark mcgwire is back in baseball. everybody remembers, he hit 70 home runs in 1998. he is probly more famous now for his appearance in washington in 2005 when he refused to answer questions about steroids. the cardinals are not going to hide him. >> at some point, he is going to have to talk and answer, and i do not know what he is going to say. this guy is a product of hard work and a lot of talent. >> oklahoma quarterback sam bradford says he will undergo surgery to repair his injured
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shoulder. he is done with the oklahoma sooners. mark sanchez is making the adjustment from college to the pros. there he was yesterday eating a hot dog on the bench. one of celebrate? he got caught on camera munching during the game. afterward, for some reason, he apologized. while the redskins struggle, the wizard star their season tomorrow night against the mavericks. maybe they can make some noise this year with their new head coach. there you have it. the redskins' -- >> give them some hot dogs.
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live super doppler 7 shows scattered showers south of the metro area, maybe steadier rain by late tomorrow night and wednesday. >> may be an umbrella
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